Collaborative Photography Workshops

Collaborative Photography Workshops are a specifically designed solution for small organisations who may not have a full budget for media and photography to gain access to the same level of professional humanitarian photography available to large organisations.

The workshops create a win-win situation in which your organisation comes away with beautiful, engaging images from your projects, and your supporters experience a one of a kind trip, in which they feel more connected to your cause through personal interaction and contribution.


How it works

Your organisation offers an in-field photography workshop experience to your supporters in which they get to work alongside and learn from a professional humanitarian photographer, while experiencing your projects first-hand. Project communities are consulted prior to the workshop and shoot locations, times and participants are organised. Tim then works with the community and the workshop participants, directing a series of photo shoots over a period of 3-5 days interspersed with some sightseeing.

After the workshop is completed, Tim then stays on for a number of days dedicated to photographing specific projects for your marketing and communications material, and the fee for his time is incorporated into the cost of the workshop to participants.

Benefits to Your Organisation

  • Professional photographs of your projects
  • Supporters personal experience leads to deeper engagement and activism
  • Participants are highly likely to share stories from your projects on social media

Benefits to Your Supporters

  • Supporters feel connected to the cause
  • Experience working with and learning from a professional humanitarian photographer
  • Insight into community issues & culture
  • Satisfaction of contributing their photographs to the cause

Collaborative Photography Workshops enable Tim to continue serving cause-based initiatives & organisations

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