Humanitarian Photography & Web Design for cause-based initiatives.

Commited to Causes

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Humanitarian Photography

I am available for in-country humanitarian photography assignments, producing visually compelling images showcasing the stories of your organisation, it’s projects & beneficiaries.

Web Design & Annual Reports

Tailored web design solutions built to your specific needs. Beautiful websites & web-based annual reports mean your donors have the information they need at their fingertips.

Communications Consulting

Cause communications consulting, including visual storytelling workshops, email campaigns & in-depth training on the effective implementation of social media & web tools.

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Integrated Solutions

I work collaboratively with your team to plan, execute & promote integrated solutions to your organisation’s needs. As opposed to singular services, I offer tailored solutions that not only produce the required media, but also present it in a finished marketing piece (eg. website, annual report, documentary etc). I then partner with you to promote the finished work & put your story in front of people.

Understanding You

Having worked internationally in program management, communication, & media roles for multiple organisations spanning 10+ years, on projects covering Water & Sanitation (WASH), HIV/AIDS, Health, Tobacco Control, Livelihoods, Micro-enterprise, agriculture & food security, I am in a unique position to understand your organisation’s specific needs & challenges.

Deployment Ready

I am highly experienced in cross-cultural communication, having lived or worked in countries spanning Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand & Australia. Familiar with the rigours of international travel, & working in difficult conditions & remote locations, I am able to travel at short notice & offer the flexibility to be at your project location when you need me.

How can I serve you?

Due to a deluge of spam emails, I have removed the contact form for now. If you would like to get in touch, please contact me via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook